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Carpet Repairs by The Carpet Cleaner.On site curtain cleaning.Flood and water restoration services. The Carpet Cleaner - when only the best will do. Carpet DRY Cleaning from The Carpet Cleaner leaves your carpets completely dry on completion. Upholstery cleaning - some furniture needs dry and some needs steam cleaning. We can advise you on the correct method for your carpet.

5 step cleaning process

1. Thorough vacuum & pile lift

Approximately 90% of the soil in any carpet can be found in ground in grit and soil in the carpet fibres.
Using specialist pile lifters, our powerful equipment will beat the carpet, extracting the ground in dirt and soil from the carpet fibres.

2. Carpet spotting

Once we have vacuumed out the loose, dry soil and grit, we will examine the carpet and treat all stains prior to our cleaning the carpet.

3. Pre spray and rake

Once we have removed the visible stains, we will spray the carpet with a prespray which is then raked through the carpet fibres and left for ten minutes to dwell and break down the grease and soiling left in the carpet.


UK Carpet Care truck mount machinery cleans better and dries faster

5 step cleaning process

4. Carpet steam or dry clean

Once the pre spray has been left to dwell for 10 minutes, our steam or dry cleaning will commence. Using the very latest truck mounted steam cleaning machines when steam cleaning, the carpet is thoroughly cleaned and then rinsed. If dry cleaning is being used, the machine brushes and encapsulates the carpet fibres, removing surface soiling.

5. Rake and vacuum

the final step is to rake the carpet and set the fibres, removing any marks left from the cleaning equipment.

One of our truck mounted machines (below) is powered by a 55 horsepower petrol engine, far stronger than an electrically powered portable machine!

Carpet steam and dry cleaning professionals

Some carpets needs steam cleaning and some need dry cleaning. We can advise you on the correct method for your carpets.

Carpet steam cleaning is the most thorough carpet cleaning method available. The secret to successful carpet steam cleaning lies with high pressure, high temperature and strong vacuum as provided by truck mounted carpet cleaning machines (pictured on right). Truck mount machines produce their own power and hot water and are far more powerful than any machine that relies on your power and water. Being more powerful they clean the carpet using less water and dry the carpets more quickly.

High pressure - The higher the pressure (with an upper limit of say 400 psi) the less water is used during the cleaning process. Less water equates to faster drying.

High temperature - The higher the temperature (with an upper limit of around 120ยบ C, the less water that is required - equating to faster drying times.

High vacuum - Obviously the better the vacuum, the more water is removed from the carpet - and the faster the drying and the safer the carpet is. There are still many carpet cleaners using low powered equipment in this country - but thankfuly there are many like us who have invested in truck mounted equipment which generates high pressure, very high solution temperatures and have extremely strong vacuum performance.

Carpet Dry Cleaning - This method uses less water and leaves the carpet dry upon completion which is in many situations, preferable to the alternative - damp carpets. There is a trade off however - the dry cleaning method is not a deep clean method and is not the most thorough method and so does not suit all situations. Please ask for our advise. To book our carpet cleaning service, please call 1300 382 826 or John on 0409 022 422.